Alpha Essenticals Camphor Essential Oil


  • You may use Camphor OIL by inhaling it directly or using a diffuser.
  • You may also use it on the skin with an additive/solvent (like coconut/almond/soya oils).
  • t can also be added to other products like cosmetics, perfumes or foods (less than 0.01% or 100 ppm) to enhance the function and/or flavour.
  • An essential oil is a natural oil, typically extracted by means of distillation or extraction from a plant and having a characteristic odour of it
  • They can be used in multiple ways. The most common way is by inhaling them. One can also use them on the skin with an additive/solvent alongside or in food items in very small quantities.


  • Date First Available: 30 September 2020
  • Manufacturer: Alpha Chemika
  • ASIN: B08KGN13CC
  • Item part number: AC-Camphor-EO
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Manufacturer: Alpha Chemika
  • Units: 3.00 count