Laboratory Chemicals Manufacturers

Quality, customisation, and speed are some of the hallmarks that differentiate Finar’s laboratory chemicals business from its competition, making us one of the leading lab chemical suppliers in this space. We manufacture, distil, purify, and pack over 800 products under rigorous quality standards to ensure our customers’ business success. All our products are available in multiple pack sizes and comply with the most updated safety and GHS labelling requirements. Functionalities such as QR code to download COAs and UN packing for exports further meet international standards and provide customer convenience.

Our strong distribution network includes over 50,000 sq ft of warehousing space across 8 locations in India enabling us to instantly and efficiently deliver supplies to over than 250 authorised distributors and multiple customers.

Various industries from pharmaceutical companies to several manufacturing industries viz. cement, rubber, textiles, paint, dyestuff, printing, automobiles, research institutions, etc. use our products for research and quality control


We are one of the leading manufacturers Suppliers and exporters of Laboratory Chemicals and  HPLC, AR/GR and LR Grade Laboratory Reagents and Fine Chemicals. We started the venture over 30 years ago to deal in bio-chemicals and reagents for LIFE SCIENCE research and other SPECIALTY CHEMICALS.

ALPHA CHEMIKA today is one of the forerunners in the Indian chemical industry. In a matter of years with our team work and efficiency, not forgetting our superior products, we have been able to establish a strong market share.

ALPHA CHEMIKA provides precisely what our customers need. With the highest quality materials at the lowest possible cost, we are confident that you will be pleased with our products and services. Our dedicated team will provide the best solution for your business, ensuring every aspect of quotation, order processing, packging and shipment is carried out smoothly & professionally.

ALPHA CHEMIKA today is one of the forerunners in the Indian chemical industry.